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Boiler Servicing in Wanborough

We at Prestige Services have Gas Safe and Oftec registered heating engineers in Wanborough who provide boiler servicing to all types of boilers. Whether your boiler is mains Gas, LPG or Oil.

Why does a boiler need servicing every year?

The importance of servicing your gas or oil boiler each year is to ensure that your boiler is SAFE and working. Servicing your boiler also provides a number of important benefits:

  • A yearly boiler service is also a safety check, one of the safety checks will be for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and therefore it is essential that your boiler has this checked during the service. You should also make sure that you have Carbon Monoxide detectors in your Wanborough home.
  • A yearly boiler service will keep your boiler working by ensuring all individual parts are clean and in good working condition. This will also allow your boiler to burn its fuel efficiently.
  • A yearly boiler service will help to prevent boiler failures especially during the winter months when you rely heavily on your central heating system.
  • A yearly boiler service can keep your boiler working for longer, helping to extend the life of the boiler.
  • Worcester Bosch and all major boiler manufacturers also recommend having your boiler serviced each year.

What will happen on a boiler service?

  • Inspection of the boiler and controls to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Inspection of the main component parts.
  • The boiler will have a check for any corrosion or leaks.
  • Check the gas pressure on gas boilers.
  • Check the oil pressure on oil boilers.
  • Test the flue to make sure no unsafe fumes are being emitted.
  • Clean parts if the tests show this is required.
  • Leave a homeowners maintenance service record sheet with you.
  • Add you to our database to send you an annual boiler reminder each year.

A yearly boiler service is very important to the health of your boiler.

Wanborough Landlords

If you are a Landlord and have rental properties in and around Wanborough, an annual gas safety check and certification of the gas boiler and any other gas appliance is a requirement by law. If you have an oil boiler at your rental property, you also have a duty of care to ensure that the boiler is working correctly and safely and certificated accordingly. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 is the main legislation for landlords in England and Wales.

Please also see our Landlord page for full details.

We can also supply and install all types of boilers, gas, LPG oil, regular, system or combi boilers. If you are looking to replace your current boiler and would like a no obligation quotation do contact us and we can arrange to visit you to discuss and assess your requirements.

If you have any questions about boiler servicing in Wanborough or if you require a quote, please do give Leisa or a member of the team a call on 01793 297017. You may also email us at and we will be more than happy to help you.

We look forward to being of service to you for all of your boiler servicing needs in Wanborough.

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